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                                                         Menford Danso Owusu, Ghana, West Africa


                                                                                       "Starting tennis at age 4, I lived across from a tennis court so it made it easier                                                                     for me. There were lots of struggles to find the right equipment as my family                                                                        wasn't privileged. I made the junior national team by age 9, and I gave it my all                                                                      from there.I was recruited into the national program where I was able to                                                                               have enough access to equipment. Junior tournaments gave me the necessary                                                                     experience and exposure, and I got offered a scholarship to play college tennis in                                                                 the United States."















                                                                                                  Priscila A. Barros, Brazil


                                                                                           "Soccer is everything to me and I played since I was very little. I came to the                                                                          U.S. as an student-athlete, which gave me the opportunity to receive an full                                                                              athletic scholarship to get my education." 













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