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InterRecruit is a non-profit organization established in 2014.  Its mission is to:


  • Identify talented children from low income and minority families from the Southern and Eastern sections of Atlanta and Africa who have a passion for sports, work with them so they graduate from high school and then offer them scholarship opportunities so they can earn a college degree.   


  • InterRecruit is committed to helping in the global effort to provide education to impoverished children in Africa and America by engaging them in sports and life shaping free time activities.  The best practices-based program of work carried out by InterRecruit has been shown to

                          Keep youth in school and graduating from high school

                          Motivate youth to pursue a college education,

                          Reduce substance abuse and delinquency.

  • InterRecruit also provides assistance to participating athletes who successfully graduate from college and are pursuing a professional career in sports.

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