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  InterRecruit Africa 


“Talent is hard to find but when you see it you know it.”

Sadietou B. Mayou

Having this opportunity to get educated by using athletic ability is such a blessing and contributes to the development of our society in Africa. Education can be expensive and most kids have to drop out of school if their parents can not afford it. For the girls, getting married at a very young age and dropping out of school is very common. InterRecruit wants to break that chain and offer opportunities to these poor kids who are blessed with athletic talent but cannot afford to pay for their education. Giving a scholarship to a child in Africa affects his entire community because he/she shows others that there is hope for success.


Once a kid receives a scholarship to attend any college in the United States, they set a great example to family and friends back home. They encourage other talented kid to work hard and stay in school because better opportunities are ahead and that there is still hope in a mix of poverty and lack of support. 

Giving an athletic scholarship is not a one way street for these students. Once they are accepted, they highly contribute to their communities in the US through volunteering in places where they are needed. Since I came to the United States, I cannot count how many places I have volunteered, and I'm always willing to provide help to my community. A lot African student-athletes are mentoring kids in their communities, coaching and getting involved in activities to better their neighborhoods.


Athletes around the world, especially in poor countries, are not aware of scholarship opportunities to get free and high quality education. InterRecruit will be reaching out to those athletes and help them find universities willing to recruit them for scholarships.

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